Annual competition in the Paddle Tennis Academy offers a very personalized annual competition program, based on the achievement of the player’s self-set objectives. During the stay of the player, we develop a training and competition plan according to age, level, and objectives.


The whole of the hours of weekly training is about 30 hours, both paddle tennis and specific physical training and psychological work. We train every day, except on Sundays and Saturday afternoons, rest days with exceptions: tournament and/or some specific training.


The training schedule varies depending on the stage of the season in which the player arrives, but the day is always divided in two training shifts in the morning: normally one of paddle tennis and the other of physical training; in the afternoon, there are another two shifts of paddle tennis and/or physical training (always introducing mental work, and if necessary, physiotherapy and injury prevention treatments).


The training plan of annual competition is developed by our team (formed by coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists, doctors, psychologists, etc.), qualified professional staff in the world most renowned organizations, and with several years of experience in professional paddle tennis. All this work is supervised by Daniel Sanyo Gutiérrez and Claudio Gilardoni.

The Academy adapts to the needs of the player. All of that in a familiar environment existing in the Academy since its beginnings, partly thanks to counting on several employees living here. Among them, Juan Carlos Ferrero. This training model is the same as the one that professional players follow, such as Daniel Sanyo Gutiérrez, number 1 in paddle tennis in 2018, or the rising star Cristina Gutiérrez.


  • Daily tennis, mental and physical training.
  • Accommodation in the campus of the Academy where part of the staff lives as well as Juan Carlos Ferrero and Antonio M. Cascales. The rooms for long-stay are provided with all the necessary things that the player needs to live and study.
  • Full boarding (5 daily meals). Menus are elaborated by professional chefs, with the support of our nutritionist and fitness coaches. Chefs will provide you with the Mediterranean, Oriental, and international dishes.
  • Practice with the system and philosophy of JCF–Sanyo Equelite Paddle Tennis Academy.
  • Injury treatments in our physiotherapy clinic.
  • Free use of all the facilities of Equelite
  • Fitness, tennis, and psychological tests.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Coaching during tournaments and reports.
  • Daily psychological work – My Mental Game.
  • Wi-Fi Connection all over the academy.
  • School enrolment fees and material*
  • Exams* (IGCSE/GCSE/A-level/CIDEAD)
  • School material*

* Included only for those who enrol the school



  • Laundry.
  • Private lessons
  • Tournament expenses.
  • Medical insurance.


  • 3.730€/month
    Annual program.
  • 2.020€/month
    External program (training and meals).
  • 2.980€/annual school enrolment
    Spanish and British school, at any level.

Special discount policy for advance payments, siblings, and relatives!


  • 7:30 Breakfast
  • 8.00 School lessons*
  • 9.30 Fitness
  • 11.20 Break
  • 11.30 Tennis
  • 13.30 Lunch
  • 16.00 Training
  • 17.30 Break
  • 18.00 School lessons*
  • 21.00: Dinner
  • 23.00: Silence

* School schedule for those who enrol the school

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