About us

The Padel Sport Academy Equelite is one of the strongest training sports groups in the world. Specialized in tennis, it has been preparing its debut in paddle tennis for several years, and it does it with the best partnership ever: the technical team of Sanyo Gutiérrez.

Know the facilities

Equelite has excellent sport facilities that ease professional training all year long. It has courts with World Padel Tour surfaces and minor tournaments, school, gym, physiotherapist room, and lots more.

Equelite Hotel Rural

It has a lovely Rural Hotel in a garden which surrounds a swimming pool, where parents can stay to accompany and visit their children during their stays. It is also available for adults who come to train, and for tournament players.


Daniel Sanyo Gutierrez

One of the best players in the history of padel joins Equelite as a player and owner to achieve something unique and innovative. Sanyo joins this family to be able to help young players to make their dreams come true and train professional players of all nationalities.
academia padel claudio

Claudio Gilardoni

The brain behind the player. The coach of Sanyo (among many other padelplayers) is the sports manager of the Padel Sport Academy and School. Two different concepts, but both are supervised by this great expert. He is 100% involved in the project of his star player, who he keeps training in the Academy itself.
academia padel jc

Juan Carlos Ferrero

He lives in the Academy, is the owner of it, and apart from being the world number 1 in tennis in 2.003, works full time as a coach in the Academy. He is more focused on tennis, but he is very interested in paddle tennis and wants to make sure that his philosophy and respect are present in both sports, under his charge.